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There is plenty of parking in Downtown Foxborough and all public parking is free. If you cannot find street parking, head to one of the shared or municipal lots in town.  

Schneider Electric has also made 43 parking spaces available to the public at their company lot. The Schneider Electric lot entrance is located at the intersection of Bird Street and Railroad Avenue.  Please park only in the yellow striped parking spaces designated for public use.

Handicap parking is available in the following locations:
-All municipal and shared parking lots
-Both of the long edges of the Town Common
-South St at the end near School St
-Central St near Liberty St
-Mechanic St at the end by the Town Common
-Cocasset St at the end by the Town Common

​Bike racks are located:
-Next to Town Hall, to the right of the entrance
-The south corner of the Town Common, on the sidewalk
-Boyden Library, Baker Street entrance

Use our interactive parking map below or click here to view a printable parking map. 

Click icons and highlighted parking areas for more information. Use the arrows on the top right of the map to expand the legend.